ORF-Beitrag (contribution fee):
Questions & Answers

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1. What is the ORF-Beitrag (contribution fee)?

As of January 1st 2024, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) will be financed by the ORF-Beitrag. This replaces the previous GIS fee. All current members will, with immediate effect, be charged less that before.

The ORF-Beitrag of € 15.30 per month is collected by ORF-Beitrags Service GmbH as of January 1st 2024. In some federal states, an additional state fee is charged.

From 2024, it will no longer be decisive whether you have or use radio and television sets at your address or not.

The new ORF-Beitrags Gesetz (orf contribution fee law) will make the financing of public service broadcasting more just because everyone will contribute. ORF belongs to everyone and fulfils a democratic mandate. Your support enables high-quality programs and services for everyone in Austria.

2. Who pays the ORF-Beitrag?

The ORF-Beitrag is only charged to each postal address where at least one person over the age of eighteen is registered as a principal resident.

Any secondary residence addresses (without principal residence registration) are not liable to pay the fee.

3. Do I already pay GIS Fees?

There is no need for those of you who are already registered to take any further action.

You will be transferred from the GIS fee to the ORF-Beitrag automatically. The new fee is more favorable for you.

Your exemption will also be in effect.

If you still use the payment slip:

Would you like to update your data?

Note: You will need your participant details to make updates. You will find the required data on your registration confirmation, the last advance payment or on the bank statement line.

4. Who is not required to pay the ORF-Beitrag - who can be exempted?

An application for exemption from paying the ORF-Beitrag can be made as before.

Use the exemption calculator to check in just a few steps whether you fulfil the requirements for an exemption/subsidy: orf.beitrag.at/befreiungsrechner

Important to know: Only a valid exemption note will ensure that you will not receive payment requests in the future.

5. Have you not been registered yet?

Please carry out a registration: Registration implies that a person must be defined as "person who is liable to pay contribution fees". The person liable to pay contribution fees is then responsible for paying the ORF Beitrag as of 2024.

Registration is a simple step at:

Tip: By setting up a direct debit authorization (SEPA direct debit), the amount can be split into 2 or 6 payments per year.

For example, without any additional state taxes: six times two months at the amount of € 30.60 instead of one time twelve months at the amount of € 183.60.

Taking part in the ORF-Beitrag!

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